Friday, 8 February 2008


My very good friend, Littletree's godmother (well, one of them), known to me as Littletripper (though she's actually a scientist and not little at all), sent to Little tree a huge parcel full of fantablous art supplies in the mail.

Littletree was so excited she opened the parcel right there on the footpath outside the post office.

Seriously, it's a great lot of art and craft stuff; pencils, paints, glitter, scissors, glue, coloured paper, stickers...

Littletree's been hard at work making amazing works of art ever since, and even taken to writing letters to people.
Here she is with the bag of loot:
38 art parcel

The funny thing was that the parcel contained a pack of "Brenex" squares. Coloured paper squares that were the staple of my primary school art classes.

Brenex squares are really awesome; they come in lots of bright colours, in shiny and matt; I remember much of my childhood was spent in cutting and glueing collages with them, cutting out "snowflakes", folding origami... Anyway, this is the first time i've seen them in about 20 years, and I've never seen the label, which I was surprised to note seems to be unchanged throughout the ages. Indeed, it seems the label was originally printed sometime in the late '60s, when "new-fangled" metric measurements were introduced into Australia.
41 brenex zoom
As you can see, 10 inches equalled 4 centimetres back then. LOL


  1. Haha! I looked at the picture and though, "10 inches does not equal 4cm." Then I saw your last comment - lol. What a great stash of stuff Littletree got! Awesome!

  2. What a kind friend. Maybe your littletree will be in the arts someday.
    looks like she got lots of fun things to do. I use to love that sort of thing at her age.

  3. little tree is so cute. I showed dh the video of her "dead people- heart transplant" song and we were both rolling. She seems to be quite the character.... she reminds me of my dd. I love the video of her cracking the m&ms with a hammer. I'm sure she will find an unconventional, creative use for her art supplies :)

  4. Yes, that does look like SO much fun! Too funny the measurement. Looking forward to seeing many great works of art.

  5. Hilarious about the cm/in and those pics of LittleTree are adorable...

  6. I am a great admirer of Littletree, and you guys seem like such a cool family!

  7. Oh yes - square paper can be tons of craft fun - I grew up on shiny origami squares from the Chinese Grocer near my father's office in Honolulu.


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