Saturday, 16 February 2008

Homeschooling Group

A few families in our area have gotten a local Homeschooling Group together, we meet up every week and let the kids just hang out. It's been a life saver; Littletree is really coming out of her shell, hanging with other children regularly. They all have a lot of fun, playing, and doing activities.

Lately we started renting one of the halls in the area (at $30 for half the day, with all the facilities, its a great deal, especially split amongst a few families). Most of the families are leaning towards unschooling/ natural learning, and natural living. It's a great network for us.

last week was a great day; The kids got into dress-ups and danced around the hall for ages, and played with Barbies.
20 HSers toys
24 Seq Maya
21 HSers running

It was also the birthday of one of the girls, I made her a vegan chocolate cake, all organic, and unrefined, of course, topped with icing I coloured pink with beetroot juice and fresh fruit. It was a big hit (and I love showing off that healthy nutritious stuff can also be decadent and yummy!)

41 Maya Birthday
44 Maya Birthday

There was also a horse grazing around the hall, so the kids all had a great time patting it and feeding it apple cores :) Littletree was especially excited abut the horse.
27 HSers Horse


  1. umm...well, you obviously rock!! The cake looks amazing, as do you ;) glad the homeschooling/unschooling group is going well. See, there is a positive to having a crazy neighbor who cuts phone lines. . . amazing cakes are made! lol

  2. Oh we would so want to join in! And look at that hall, wonderful space for movement.

  3. There are some groups like that around where I live. I remember loving them when I was younger!

  4. ***tossing off the uncomfortable coconuts***

    That's totally is your amazing vegan cake! Now you simply must come to visit and share all of your natural baking secrets!!

  5. Good for girls to get together..
    looks like fun times..
    pretty babes.

  6. Yay for unschooling friends and boo to cranky neighbors! :S


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