Friday, 29 February 2008

Online again :)


We got our internet connection back on yesterday afternoon. I feel like throwing a party.
For those who missed it, I did mention our woes with a nasty neighbour and a pair of wire-cutters that resulted in the loss of our phone line.

Naomi's antics only got worse; she unilaterally demarcated an area of the garden we share as "hers" and shouted abuse at us for crossing the line into "her" area. Without any warning, of course. We had no idea that garden paths that we had previously been free to use (not to mention the steps down to the pool) were now out-of-bounds.

anytime we approach her, she starts shouting abuse; swearing in front of the children, and basically being horrid. We've tried talking to her calmly and civilly; she's not interested in any discussion or negotiations.

Though the landlord and the real estate agent were both telling her to re-connect our phone line, she flat-out refused. The landlord agreed to have the phone company come out and install a separate line for us, for which we had to wait 2 weeks. And of course, when they finally got out here, it turned out they can't do it without first having a contractor dig a trench for the cables.

Our landlord ended up coming here from Sydney to sort out the mess. Naomi showed herself in true form; dug herself into quite a deep hole, and showed herself to be very childish and petty, not to mention caught herself out in several lies.

The landlord told her off for cutting our phone line, and insisted that she has no right to do so and must leave the connection as it is until we can find a better solution. She grumbled and complained, but since the Landlord was basically saying that if we can't work it out, then he will evict the lot of us and start with fresh tenants, she caved.

So the landlord went and re-connected our phone line! only we still didn't have internet. There was a big hassle with the service provider, and it took another week to get it back online. I'll bitch about Blitz, the ISP from hell later.

For now, we're online again, Purple can work from home, which is a huge stress of us, and we are connected to the outside world :) Ironically, He leaves for Israel tomorrow.


  1. Hooray!

    What is wrong with people? I told you I have a neighbor like this too. She resorts to calling all forms of authroity. The day we bought our school bus and brought it home she called the police before we had even parked it in our drive. Not a word to us. It's frustrating!

    I told the police officers (who were so young! lol) that she deals in accusation rather than communication. People have better things to do than babysit these nuts!

    Glad you are back!

  2. My goodness, that really is the neighbour from hell. I'm glad that everything has been resolved though... let's hope that she stays on the straight and narrow.

  3. Oh yeah, I had the nutter for a roommate pushed upon me by the co-op counsel. It was hellish for the months he was around. A contrast to the good times with the super fun gang I had previous...
    Oh yeah I can sympathize.



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