Monday, 23 February 2009

Tassie Rainbow

We just arrived home from a fantastic two weeks in Tasmania!

We had planned to be the whole time at the Australian Rainbow Gathering, but as it turned out, the gathering ended a week sooner than anticipated (seemed that there was some lack of communication going on), so we rented a car and spend the second week driving around the island, sightseeing, doing short hikes and free camping in gorgeous locations.

Anyway, I'll do a second post for the Tassie travels part of the trip, and stick to the rainbow gathering for this one :)

We started the trip by waking up and leaving at 5am. Considering we are a family that generally goes to bed around midnight and gets up around 10am, this was really the middle of the night; it was still dark for goodness sake!

My good friend Ansanity drove us to the airport. Getting our luggage checked in was easy - I think we did pretty well; full camping gear for three people in a cold place all in 2 backpacks of 18kg each :)

01 flight videoThe plane had those little screens on the back of each seat, but they flashed up on this screen:

"Due to normal aircraft movement programming is temporarily unavailable."

So... does that mean we can watch stuff only during abnormal aircraft movement? Are they just saving the shows as a distraction if we crash?! LOL

After changing planes in Melbourne, stopping long enough to catch the horrific news of the bushfires in Victoria, we arrived in Launceston easily, and rented a car to get to the gathering; just an hour from the airport.

Purple dropped me and Littletree off with the bags and went to return the car, while I set up our camp. We were all sorted and ready in time for dinner circle, which was nice - I was pretty exhausted after a half-night's sleep, 2 flights and being in four states in one day!

We stayed at the gathering for a week and had a fantastic time.

Main Circle:

04 main circle

Magic hat parade: 

05 magic hat

Full Moon Rising: 

06 full moon rising

Dreadlock making:

09 dread making

We were blessed by a rainbow over main circle

11 rainbow

And invaded by hoards of cheeky possums who would troll around at night searching for scraps. 

21 possum

The river was spectacular; freezing cold but I enjoyed a good swim every day. I enjoy that bracing feeling when it's so cold it burns :)

22 river

I couldn't help myself and ended up in the kitchen making dinner three nights in a row, which was great fun. We had good music;

25 music in the kitchen

And a little kitchen god appeared one day to oversee the salad.

26 kitchen god

It was a really wonderful gathering, weird rainbow politricks aside; I had a great time and I was sad to leave earlier than planned, but also happy to have seen so many old friends and to have the chance to travel around Tasmania a bit with Purple and Littletree.

More photos can be seen on my flickr page


  1. Wow, it looks absolutely stunning! Ah, to be rugged up out in the cool air with a fire. Beautiful!

  2. Looks awesome MF! Maybe one year I'll get to one.....

  3. Looks wonderful...:)
    I've always wanted to go Tassie.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time. I can almost feel the free spirits. Can't wait for more photos from your trip. I so adore Tassie!

  5. Amazing looking place and people gathering, magical vibes! (great camera work?)
    Politricks, they suck they are just so much everywhere! Must be something about being human I guess which is good in so many other ways, but not that one.
    Here's to living freely, honestly, thoughtfully, and filled with integrity...

  6. Sigh, looks so good. One day I must go to a Rainbow gathering! I need to work a bit more on my fear of something new and of camping and of cooking rofl.


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