Sunday, 1 February 2009


We had a housewarming party last night, which was great fun.

Lots of friends came over and mingled

67 party mamas

We hung out on the balcony

68 party

The kids mostly played in Littletree's room

71 party kids

We made a toast, with Purple's home made fruit liqueurs

73 party toast

And I made a little ceremony of lighting the fire, using a coal from the fireplace at our old house. The idea being to follow on a tradition of carrying coals when travelling, so you always start a new fire from the old one.

I also asked everyone to bring a token piece of wood for the fire, to symbolise the community building our house. Since traditionally communities helped each other to build their houses, I wanted something to represent that. Of course, it's the middle of Summer here, and way to hot to have a blazing fire, so we just got it going and then let it go out again. Still it was nice to have the ritual of it.

76 party fire

We had a great night, chatting, eating way too much good food, lots of laughter and of course, JJ's antics

74 party jimmi


  1. Adding my belated warm home blessing wood to the fire.

  2. What a wonderful warm wonderful affair! so much love! Hearth, home, whole, health
    and hearty all come from the same
    root word, the norse Hal. Definitely in abundance with MajikFaerie, Purple and Littletree! Party thus a great omen for your home experiences to love

  3. Looks like a lovely party MF! May your new house always be a home full of laughter, light and love :)
    L xxxx


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