Wednesday, 25 February 2009

After the Fire Storm Comes the Rainbow Clothes

No doubt you all heard about the horrific bush fires that have wreaked devastation over a massive area in Victoria, in south-eastern Australia. The fires broke out the day before we left for Tasmania, and are still burning in some places, over 2 weeks later. 210 people (at the last count) have lost their lives, thousands of homes and businesses were lost and countless millions of dollars in damage.

I managed to miss most of the hullabaloo, by dint of being at the rainbow gathering, and mostly incommunicado, but a tragedy of this magnitude affects us all.

Several of my good friends lost everything, one family I know barely managed to escape the fire by jumping out the window with their new baby. The extent of the devastation leaves me breathless and astounded.

Naturally, the nation is banding together to support the survivors, donations can be made through the Red Cross.

Anyway, our good friends, with whom we stayed in Hobart, Mellow and Nemo, with their little baby, Nature, went above and beyond, donating a massive pile of boxes full of new stock from their clothing store.

36 mel nimo boxes

Their clothes are all hand made in India, Mellow designs all the clothes herself, and then goes over to ensure everything is made under ethical working conditions and with fair trade practices.

Seriously, they make gorgeous clothes. I was blessed enough to get this awesome winter dress:

37 new winter dress

And Littletree got some cute outfits too. Their store is called Keshet, which means Rainbow in Hebrew. Check out their website HERE, or go to their stall at Salamanca Market.

43 melodie stall


  1. Checkin' in. The rainbow looked wonderful. I hadn't heard about the fires (I don't do news or TV) ...oh my. Your friends wares look luscious, nice of them to donate to generously.


  2. So happy to hear your friends are safe, but what sadness for so many! Bless your sweet friends for their donations of gorgeous clothes! I'll definitely be looking for their stall and planning a purchase next time I'm in Hobart!

  3. Beautiful clothes, and how lovely of them to donate so much. It has been a terrible time. I hope it is over now and time to get lives back together.

  4. Aw, I met her last time I was in Hobart; she had a very young baby in a sling.

    I love their skirts made out of old saris. I've got two!!!!!

    What a lovely thing to do :D

  5. Wow, what a cats-after-me...



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