Thursday, 5 February 2009

Beautiful Birth Basket

I received this fantastic hand made basket from my last clients. They had a beautiful, easy birth, and a healthy baby girl :) I was barely needed!

And they gifted me this gorgeous basket that they made - hand-woven wicker lined with green sari material and a hand-sequinned shoulder strap. I love it! It will make a great carry-all for my pre-natal kit.


I feel like the most blessed midwife in all the lands :)

Oh, and just a little newsflash; I've been hired to go back to Thailand for another birth in April, so Littletree and I will be off on another Asian adventure soon!


  1. Flavio, and few others might be around then- I certainly miss S.E. Asia, well Costa Rica cant be all that bad.


  2. That truely is awesome. I've been meaning to ask... How did you get into midwifery? (just wondering).

  3. :-) that is a wonderful basket you have been gifted

  4. Cool basket, and see you in a couple months!

  5. That's a lovely gift! Nice colour choice too ;) lol. L x

  6. What a lovely gift.
    I love hand made gifts..:)

  7. Beautiful gift. Hope you and LT have another wonderful asian adventure xXx

  8. Just gorgeous! Its very "you". I received a nice surprise in the mail too! It has taken pride of place on the front of the fridge! Please give Littletree a big hug and smoochie from me. xxxxx

  9. Lovely post. Your life sounds like one of lfe and service

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