Saturday, 7 February 2009

Off to Tassie

We're all packed and ready to go... to Tasmania!!!

The Australian national Rainbow Gathering is a-waiting :) We'll arrive there just in time for full moon, and stay two weeks. I can't wait!

Normally I'd have gone for the start of the gathering and stayed for the whole time, rather than just swanning in for a guest appearance right at the peak time, but of course I had a birth booked for the last week of January.

Thankfully, Rinka had her baby in plenty of time (or I'd have had to change my tickets), and we're all set.

The other day I was tidying up and I saw this on the wall:

65 spiders

Closer inspection revealed it to be a swarm of baby spiders just hatched.

66 spiders

At least we know the house will be well taken care of. these spiders are the kind that quickly grow to be the size of your hand! And for sure we won't have any mosquitoes with this lot :)

Actually, we have a friend house-sitting for us, but I'm pretty sure he's spider-friendly ;)

See you all in two weeks!


  1. Spider babies! Cute!! Have fun in Tassie. I love it so!!

  2. Have a great time MF! Those babies are sweet! I had one of those in the car with me last night, he was slightly bigger! LOL! His mama lives on our fence near where we park the car so when I pointed him out to my dd3 she screamed and nearly jumped out the door right into his mama! It was priceless! She hates spiders as a full grown one jumped on her when she was around six, she has been scared ever since! Poor love! (Then there is the fact the house is full of these visitors as I won't let them spray my house!) I am spider friendly too! LOL

  3. PS...She only seems to be scared of Huntsmans though, she does not mind the other spiders

  4. Majikfaerie and Little Tree, I hope you are well! We are hearing about the fires in Victoria here, with hundreds of lives lost. I cannot remember if you live in Victoria or NSW. I pray you are all safe and well in Tas at the gathering and that all is well for all your loved ones. Sending love to all our friends down under...

  5. Hope your trip is totally wonderful
    and blessed

  6. Love to you Mama!

    Sweet birth, on flickr. Bless~

  7. WOW,
    Green faerie, littletree and purple,
    It's been ages since we last met in Tel Aviv, and here you are, at your new home in aussy, looking so happy and full of light, it's amazing!

    It really warms my heart to read of your adventures...

    big aum,
    much, much love
    Elik, Michal, Shalva, Hedva


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