Thursday, 31 January 2008

The April Resolution.

A few months ago, I was stuck in the dilemma of what to do in April.
It seemed the problem was sorted out when my potential birth client decided to live in Melbourne, and I was asked to midwife for an old friend of mine, at the birth of her Twins!
So, yeah, duh. Attending the birth of twins is way higher on my priorities than a rainbow gathering or going to Israel, which I'll do anyway, just later.

The plan was set; Going to stay in Wollongong (just south of Sydney, about 1000km from home) for a month or so, to attend the twin birth in April, then flying to China in May, for the rainbow. I've been hired to attend a birth in Thailand in June, so then we'll go there, and then, after the babies are born, to Israel in July for a couple of weeks before coming home. I'll still miss the rainbow in Victoria, but that's okay; I probably couldn't go anyway because Putple has to work then.


The mother of the twins just went into labour and was rushed off for an emergency Caesarean section. She is now the proud mother of twin boys, born at just 29 weeks. Thankfully, they are all doing okay, though the babies are in the NICU in Sydney.

Of course, I'm glad they are all fine, and yes, I'm a little disappointed that I missed the birth. But, that leaves us free in April. So, it looks like we'll be going to Israel for Passover after all.

Then off to China for the rainbow in May, to Thailand for a birth in June, and back home in July. Handy, as I have another birth booked in August, and thankfully closer to home.

So, it all seems to work out.

I just bought for myself Anne Frye's Holistic Midwifery Vol I and II, which I'm really excited about. There's also a conference I really want to go to; Preparing for Birth and Parenthood. But it seems like it won't be an option; Purple will be in Israel in March, so there's no way I can go to Sydney for three days without Littletree, and even if I brought her with me, I don't know anyone there to watch her. sigh. There will be other conferences.

All that's left to do now is to find tickets to Israel in April.


  1. I'm happy to hear of your birth work. Those sweet wee babies born so early, I will send out light to them.

    Anne Frye is quite a lady, I know her personally. Enjoy your books!

  2. you _know_ anne frye? I'm not worthy!

    I'm so loving these books. makes me feel like a 'real' midwife

  3. Nothing compares with travel. if I don't have a trip to look forward to, I get into a funk. I cant wait to read about your travels! Healing vibes to the twins :)

  4. I'm also looking forward to many photo's from your travels :)

  5. Yeah, Eugene is kind of a hub for meeting people from all over. She lives in Oregon.


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