Monday, 21 January 2008

Littletree's Car Accident Song - Making Dead and Running Over

In my last post about Littletree's new guitar, I linked to the video of her new song.
I made a transcript of the text; I'm still laughing at it.
I think maybe if I promote this right, she could be a superstar of this one song. LOL

The words of Littletree's song:
L: its called making dead and run over.
me: ok whats it about?
L: its about people who got run over by cars and their hearts are still working

"matters then who's dead
matters who's dead who's dead who's dead
they cut it out for a different human,
human who has the heart, he needs a new heart, no mfsdfs[mumble]
who's ever dead, who's ever dead,
who's ever killed, who's ever run over by cars gets be be anything,
its much to scary for anything
people don't like to be dead
people, some people don't know about cars
not anything we don't wanna swing
any who's dead any who's run over by cars
are needed the cutting out the heart."

Here's the video again, if you missed it

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  1. That is so great. I think it is my son's current favorite song.
    Love, Jessica


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