Sunday, 20 January 2008

My Budding Rockstar

Littletree has lately been playing my guitar an awful lot. When we were in the cyclone without power I started showing her how to press on the frets, and she spent ages playing.

Anyway, I saw a 1/4 size guitar in the music shop a whiles back, and thought about getting it for her. But it seemed best to wait till she was really ready for it. So it seems like that time is now. Of course, I would have waited till her Birthday, which is in April, but we are gonna be travelling, so lugging a guitar around might not be the best plan.

So! Friday, when I was in town, feeling a bit spacey, I walked into the music shop and bought the guitar. It was pretty cheap anyway.

It was so great to bring it home to Littletree and tell her it's an early birthday present, and watch her open it and play with it. The guitar came with an instruction DVD that she watched for a while.

I was amazed to see how she followed the DVD along, responding to all the instructions. Until she got bored of it and announced, "people can play however they want to play"

One, Two, Three, Surprise!
25 guitar
It's a guitar!
26 guitar
27 guitar
Playing at last
28 guitar
She strummed on it for a while, and then started improvising songs. Here's her first real work, it's hillarious:


  1. Awww, I love it! And she's right, people can play however they want. :)

  2. omg,lol! freaking hilarious! i almost spit out my coffee watching the video. shes a natural ;)

  3. She is adorable..What a nice guitar. Very good idea to teach her to play young.


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