Monday, 28 January 2008

What's a Wallaby?

Lately, I realised that most everyone in the world knows what a Kangaroo is; you mention Australia, and the first thing people think of is kangaroos.
But Wallabies, and their smaller counterparts, Pademelons, are almost unheard of.
For the layman, they're basically all just smaller versions of the same thing :)
Yesterday morning we stepped out of the house to this, right outside the door.
53 Wallaby
Man, I love living in the bush :D


  1. aww, that is freaking awesome!! I am just in love with all of your pics. I really want to come visit Australia now:)

  2. great pic. Hope your little girl got to see it.
    Don't you just love nature?
    I wonder what else is in those woods..

  3. I really enjoy your blog! I found it a few weeks ago while exploring flickr. We are from two totally different worlds and while I love my life and where I live...I would really enjoy living life in your shoes for a few months...with Wallabys trimming your lawn, rain running down your stone walls, and little rainforest daughters singing the day away!

  4. Nina, come on over :)

    sammie; there's heaps of cool stuff in our forest. I blogged a lot about the wicked wildlife we have; goannas, massive pythons, kangaroos, koalas, echidnas, and a veritable trevor trove of freaky bugs and spiders.

    nice to meet you kristin :)

  5. It just felt to pop in an check out who's there ne?:)It looks like it can give hugs,haha*

  6. We Brits. know what Wallaby's are. But that's only because a lot of Brits are addicted to Neighbours and Home and Away ;-) Not me of course, I'm too busy attending forums and blogging for that ;-) hehe


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