Friday, 3 May 2013

Selamat Datang!

So we arrived safely to Bali! The Unschooling Adventure Camp has begun! The journey was long, but not too long, and boring, but not so bad.

We brought a special friend with us, a Flat Tyler. Tyler is a teen with cancer who is currently in hospital and in need of cheer. So we’ve brought a cut-out of him (well, we improvised, since I couldn’t get my printer working before we left), you can click HERE for more info about #FlatTyler)

Starting out at Brisbane Airport

2013-05-02 10.20.02

We breezed through check-in and having made great time, had a bit to waste around the airport. Littletree just wanted to browse geography books in a bookstore. Apparently it was vital that she teach Tyler all about National Highway One in Australia.

2013-05-02 11.29.44

We were lucky enough to get good seats at the front of the plane, and Littletree managed to snag a window seat for Tyler

2013-05-02 11.43.05

We had a stopover in Darwin for a couple of hours between flights; boring, but we got to recharge our electronic devices and give each other neck massages

2013-05-02 18.21.16

Finally, we landed in Bali, safe and sound. Staying at the same hotel we stayed at last year felt like coming home to somewhere familiar and comfy, and our friends were already here :)

After a good sleep, we woke up to take Tyler for a sunrise swim

2013-05-03 06.48.41

And Littletree practised her snorkelling

2013-05-03 06.54.59

Then we went off with all the gang for adventures and errands, shopping, eating and exploring. Littletree bought herself fancy new sunglasses!

2013-05-03 15.41.28

The kids came back tired out and ready for a swim

2013-05-03 15.41.14

In the morning, we leave for Gili Air!


  1. Have so much fun! I think Lauren and the girls will be there - if you see them give her a big squeeze for me! Safe travels!

  2. we're having an awesome time, and I think Lauren is coming soon :)

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