Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another Solar Return

It was my 34th birthday on Friday! I had a lovely day; spent some quiet time with Littletree, enjoyed my delicious Indonesian breakfast, and then went to lie on the beach and watch the storms rolling over Lombok in the distance while sipping iced drinks.

10 beach ela (640x480)

One of the best things about Gili Air is that while the volcano on Lombok draws in lots of clouds and storms – we can often hear the thunder and see the lightning from here, but right where we are, it’s sunny and gorgeous, and we get the cool breezes pushed out by the storms. Makes for very pretty sunsets too!

08 beach (477x640)

In the afternoon I sat with my friends and had birthday cake – it was a delicious rich chocolate brownie with ice cream and whipped cream. Yum! and not at all like the “cake” I had last year.

15 birthday cake (480x640)

Then we all ambled over to a beachside bar for dinner and cocktails, and lots of laughs…

19 birthday drinks (482x640)

And, of course, I was treated to a gorgeous birthday sunset

20 birthday sunset (640x479)


  1. So wonderful pix - We have here rain in Switzerland.:-/


  2. Happy Belated Birthday, my dear! <3

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