Saturday, 11 May 2013

Arriving to Gili Air

Once we’d spent our one day in Bali and got every thing organised, it was up at 6am to meet up with the other home schooling families to get on the boat for Gili Air!

Ironically, the kids who felt carsick in the mini bus to the harbour were fine on the boat, and vice versa; the kids who were fine in the bus felt seasick on the boat. But it was a fairly quick and smooth journey. Naturally, we let FlatTyler have the window seat on the boat.

20130504_091541 (480x640)

After a quick stop on Lombok, we were away to Gili Air – here’s our first view of the island (yep, it’s very small!)

27 gili air from the water (640x476)

One of the other home schooling families was already there to greet us at the dock, as well as Abas, from the homestay we stayed at last year. It felt like arriving home!

We dropped our bags off in our room and went straight for the beach, to hang out at Zipp Bar; our favourite spot, so we could show Flat Tyler the beach

20130504_122200 (640x480)

And spend the heat of the afternoon sipping icy fruit juices while the kids got settled and swam.

20130504_130052 (640x458)

We ended the day with a walk up to the north end of the island to watch the sunset, happy to be here at last.

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