Saturday, 1 December 2012

We survived without having kittens

Home school group organised a trip to a local shelter of the Animal Welfare League (which is a no-kill shelter) – we went with much trepidation on my part; how on earth would we get away from there without bringing home a cute kitty or puppy?

There was ominous thunder in the sky… okay, maybe I’m exaggerating just a smidge; it might have even been a warm, sunny day. But the prospect of seeing endless cute, cuddly cats was daunting, knowing how much Littletree loves cats.

We were subjected to the standard “school group tour”, which was fine; an extremely effusive woman talked it up with the kids about responsible animal care and some of the work the Animal Welfare League does


The kids even got to sit for a demonstration on dog training


Which might have been interesting, had they not all been itching to see the cute baby animals!

The moment we’d all been dreading anticipating finally came:



please can we take one home, please…


Refusing to melt before Littletree’s imploring puppy-dog eyes, we moved on to the cat cages


And finally, the ultimate solution hit me – I can easily make it home without getting a cat: just leave Littletree there. She is a werecat after all!


(It should be noted that I started making this post several weeks ago, and something went funny with my computer, and then I forgot about it until now when I thought to look at my draft posts folder – and I did adopt Littletree from the animal shelter and bring her home; not just for Christmas, but for life!)


  1. I understand your fear in going to a shelter. We went to the nursery today and A decided that in addition to the plants we should also take home the nursery's resident dingo.

  2. I would take my 9yrs old son to a no-kill shelter here as well. However I have a feeling he would want to bring home all the cute puppies. Not to mention I would have to make sure he takes a bunch of antihistamines due to his cat allergies.

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