Saturday, 29 December 2012

Magic Yule

Littletree woke up on Christmas morning to find some special surprises under the tree! So we snuggled in for breakfast in bed and the great unwrapping

72 presents - unwrapping

There was a Spirit Hood from our wonderful friend Miri (check out her awesome hand-crafted hoods HERE). This one was made especially for Littletree, in a scruffy cat style – absolutely perfect for her.

70 presents - spirit hood

A special friend sent a pair of binoculars – really good ones! Littletree is so excited about it.

71 presents - binoculars

From AquaCat she got two crystals, a ruby heart

73 presents - ruby heart

and a clear quartz crystal ball

76 presents - crystal ball

From me Littletree got something she’s been ogling for a long time – a Swiss Army Knife – especially with a magnifying glass.

75 presents - swiss army knife

So much joy and excitement!

Then we got up and made egg nog for brunch – extra special with local eggs and organic cream

77 eggnog

So rich and so YUMMY!

78 eggnog

Even BooBoo got a tiny bit as a special treat. He said MRAO!

80 eggnog

We relaxed, played some games, watched a video, and then had our Epic Christmas Seafood Feast

82 lobster

Lobster and prawns and big salads!

84 feast

Littletree went out in the afternoon to play with some neighbourhood kids while we cleaned up, and of course, rounding off the day with home made Irish Cream and tiramisu.

Happy Day!


  1. Lol, my fiancé has the same knife, he's a army doctor - The egg nog is great we say Eierpunsch here in Switzerland, mmmhhh:)



  2. You look hot in that dress... just quietly....

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