Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Popcorn

Littletree is pretty excited to be celebrating Christmas this year – she decided to decorate a tree, so we found a fallen branch outside and set it up for her to decorate

10 Christmas tree

We don’t have all that much in the way of decorations, and not much of a budget to buy any, so we took a tip from my lovely friend Gramma Miri (who makes the most amazing custom-made Spirit Hoods) and made Popcorn Garlands to decorate around.

The first step being, of course, making popcorn

03 popcorn garland

But as these things do with Littletree, everything turns to science. She observed the popcorn popping, and wanted to know how it works. YouTube delivered some fine slow motion shots of popcorn popping, which, of course, led us down a slow-motion videos rabbit-hole

But we did eventually make it back to popcorn, and naturally there has to be quality control.

04 popcorn

Rigorous scientific testing of every aspect of the popcorn…

05 popcorn

Littletree finally stopped eating long enough to actually thread some onto string and make garlands

06 popcorn garland


07 popcorn garland

And it looks great on the tree

08 popcorn garland


  1. I love that everything goes back to science for LT. It looks gorgeous xo

    1. Thanks Lea - and yes, everything always goes back to science.

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