Thursday, 20 December 2012

Crafty Christmas

Littletree has got the giving spirit and wanted to give all of her friends presents for Christmas. Rather than going out and buying stuff, Littletree got inspired to get crafty.

She took some simple headbands and glued on little jewels and fabric flowers


After making a few of these, the results were very impressive


Then she wrapped them up to give to friends.


As if that wasn’t enough, for an encore, she got out her beading kit and made a few pairs of earrings


I’m so impressed!


And Littletree is really proud of her efforts too :)



  1. Looks great Littletree:)

    Greetings from Switzerland


  2. Replies
    1. Well, it was you, Lady Demelza, who got her all the crafting stuff happening.

    2. Yes, I did that. And I fully intended to get around to showing her how to make earrings... but, you know, time always gets away, and I didn't... and now look what's she's gone and done. *ironic sob*

    3. oh well, you planted the seeds!

  3. Very nice! Handmade gifts are always that little bit extra special I think. Lucky Lucky friends. :-)

  4. I adore them! Sequoia is so talented and natural. It's good timing because I was just chatting with my friend Reg, full name Reginald Dwight. Oh sorry, you'd know him as Elton John. He was looking to promote a new line. Looks like I've found him a winner. And, my pal Versace is also asking me to find him the next big thing in 'childrens home made jewellery created as christmas gifts'. (kindly brought through by Razza Mattaza Abra Cadabra my local trance medium) He has wired me a large advance.
    We're still working on how to get Western Union to pick up on this end

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Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)