Monday, 18 April 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Enjoying the quiet time is fun, but even better to spend time with someone special.

Ariad from Rainbow Love Farm has been visiting, which is awesome. We went out with my neighbours for dinner at the local pub on Thursday night (where they do a good curry).

Then we went out dancing Friday night, which was loads of fun. I jumped around like a mad thing and had a great time.

Life is good :) and the fact that I just have a few days to get ready to go overseas, and I still don’t have a passport, and I still have a client due to give birth any moment, and I still have to organise the renovation of our kitchen which will happen while I’m away, and I have a billion things to do before I leave on Friday… okay, well that stuff is kind of stressing me out. But having Ariad around does take my mind off it :D


  1. Wow... I can see why you need to de-stress. I hope everything falls together smoothly. :-)

  2. thanks fugzilla :)
    Updade: my client had a beautiful 9lbs girl in the wee hours this morning! :D

  3. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm glad everything else is falling into place for you too. Will miss you when you go but hope you have a wonderful time :)

  4. Happy traveling lovely. Glad things are beginning to fall into place for you. Hugs xoxox

  5. Ariad, you do realise I'm going to stuff you into my suitcase and bring you with, right?


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