Monday, 25 April 2011

Five countries in one day

I finally arrived in Israel. It’s been a long and exhausting day, but it’s good to be here at last.

Starting at quarter to ridiculous, I started out from home to catch a flight at 8:40am… 32 hours and five countries later, I landed in Israel at just after 9am the next day.

For a long and exhausting journey, there were lots of wonderful glimpses along the way.

The gaggle of teenagers off to backpack in South East Asia for Easter break, who were a riot of laughs, debating why the sky is blue.

The satay chicken roti I got in KL airport that was folded over in a way that looked like a perfect yoni-flower (and silly me I didn’t photograph it before hunger got the best of me).

People-watching in Bangkok airport

01 bangkok

In Amman airport, crouching on the floor of the bathrooms, handing out toilet tissue, was a woman with the most beautiful smile. I wanted to take a photo of her, but I figured that would not only be weird, I’d never manage to capture her amazing glow with a camera. So I just smiled back at her.

My plane to Jordan

02 Amman

Seeing the Dead Sea and then Israel from the air

04 israel

Arriving home so aching, and getting a massage from Purple and Littletree (who is exceedingly skilled at walking on backs)

06 massage

And of course the best thing of all: getting to squeeze my little girl (who is, apparently, not so little any more and wont let me smother her in kisses as much as I’d like.)

09 seq ela

And now I’m just waiting for it to be night so I can sleep for about a week.


  1. Glad you made it safely. The back walk looks amazing. :-) Have fun!

  2. 32 hours! Wow. And yet it wasn't all a blur; I love the things you saw and experienced. Especially the woman's smile. I felt like I could see it. Beautiful.

    Welcome to Israel! I can't wait to hear all about it. Your words and your pic with Littletree resonated so much with me as a mother. Even if I've only been away from my kids for a day, seeing them feels like coming Home, centred and certain, so in love, every time. :)

  3. Glad you got there safely :) Looks like a wonderful massage and you look so happy in that photo with LT.

  4. thanks! it was a great massage.

  5. Wow, that was some trip! So glad you arrived safely with Purple and Littletree x

  6. just a hop, skip and a flight away to the other side! sounds like an exhausting trip. i'm looking forward to your fabulous time in israel!

  7. glad you arrived safely. i hope you are feeling rested now. enjoy your time in israel!


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