Friday, 15 April 2011

Flashback Friday–Pregnant Majikfaerie

I’ve had a few requests for some old travelling stories, so I thought I’d do an occasional random post from before I started blogging (because, really, all the most interesting stuff was before we moved to Australia when I started this blog).

So, the first one will be my pregnancy, in honour of Littletree’s birthday :)

Littletree was conceived on a yacht in Amsterdam. Purple and I were living on the yacht, preparing to sail to Brazil. She was an awesome boat, and we worked hard getting her seaworthy.


Lying in a hammock off the boom over the water while the boat is sailing is AWESOME.

I don’t have all that many pregnancy photos (something I regret) but here’s me at about four months teaching a crochet workshop at a rainbow gathering in Israel


And at five months at Avebury stone circle in England


Seven months in Lençois, Bahia.


Eight months in Arembepe community, Bahia


Me with Purple at the World Rainbow Gathering in Brazil (he looked pretty different back then!) (photo from Chad)


Nine months at the rainbow – I used to swim out to this rock and sit every day.


And I’d sit in this perfect “natural jacuzzi” as well (photo from Simon)


Nine-and-a-half months (and over it) inside our tipi


I think that’s all my pregnancy photos. I don’t have any from when I was in Germany or Israel. I did manage to get on the TV news in Athens when I was 5 months pregnant though!


  1. That second last photo is beyond incredible!!

    A big happy birthday to Littletree, I hope that she is enjoying her adventures.

  2. You're one of those women who looks beautiful and glowing when pregnant. Lovely photos - I especially like the one of you sitting in the river.

  3. You are so beautiful! I wish I looked that great un-pregnant ;) But that photo from Simon is out of this world! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great Post, Majikfaerie. The pictures are all so beautiful. I agree with everyone. The photo of you in the 'perfect jacuzzi' is amazing -- so beautiful.

  5. Wow, breathtaking.

    Blessings for your birthing anniversary xoxo

  6. Hmmm always the green goddess I see! Gorgeous mama!

  7. takes one to know one, Ariad. ;)

  8. Thank you so much for this post! I had been hoping you'd share some older travel stories :) Living on that beautiful yacht must have been incredible. You were such a beautiful pregnant mama!

  9. beautiful! thanks for the peek into your travels and pregnancy!

  10. it s really beautiful all your me so good vibes.
    thanks for sharing*


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