Saturday, 23 April 2011

Update from KL

Well, I made it! I got myself all packed and everything organised and my kitchen cleared out and all the renovations organised and my client birthed and all the everything I had to do.

I even managed to get myself up at quarter to ridiculous and get to the airport on time. I didn’t forget my passport, or my iPad or my fetoscope.

And now I’m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Well, I’m in the transit lounge at the airport at least!

The flight to here was just over 8 hours, I have a 3 hour wait here, then a 2 hour flight to Bangkok. Then 4 1/2 hours in Bangkok, followed by a 9 hour flight to Amman, Jordan, 90 minutes in Jordan and then another flight to Tel Aviv. Assuming I’m still conscious by that time.

I’m already so tired!


Capture from my webcam, oooooh I look tired. Thankfully they have free wifi in KL airport, and soon I will get to see Littletree!


  1. Wow, just reading about all the flights and connections is making me tired!

    Glad that you've made the first leg and how exciting that you soon get to see Littletree!

  2. happy travels...take care of you!

  3. Have a wonderful trip, gorgeous!

  4. I hope you make it safely, and get caught up on rest. :-) I'm sure Littletree is as excited to see you, as you are to see her. Have fun!

  5. thanks everyone, I arrived safe and sound

  6. You do look tired but still beautiful. Exciting to be seeing LT soon.


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