Sunday, 28 March 2010

Littletree in the Kitchen

Yesterday was Littletree’s 7th birthday, according to the Hebrew calendar. Normally, we’d celebrate on that day, but as Purple is away in Israel, we decided to wait for her western birthday, which is in 2 weeks.

I can really see that something changed in her lately. Some little growth spurt that has nothing to do with the new mark on the wall where we record her height – 2 cm higher than the last mark made four months ago.

Seven is a big deal; moving into a new phase of life, a new level of maturity.

Two mornings ago, Littletree begged me to let her wash the dishes. How could I refuse?

48 dishes

It definitely wasn’t the fastest dish-washing ever, but any dish-washing that doesn’t involve me is a good one in my book!

Today Littletree cooked her own soup for lunch. I wrote out the recipe for her, and off she went, refusing all offers of help. She wouldn’t even let me hover, and she came up with an inventive way to stop the onions hurting her eyes!

49 cooking

She made a yummy soup, from scratch, using my home made stock, and then ate the whole bowlful

50 cooking  

It seems my strategy of never letting Littletree do any form of chores is starting to pay off. I always said she’s not allowed to do chores, because it’s a special treat for grown ups [evil laugh]. Did I mention she also swept the floor this week, and cleaned her room?

Soon my plan to breed my very own servant will come to fruition! Next step: take over the world! [maniacal laugh]


  1. What a sweetheart! My little one is almost 10, and it is truly amazing to watch the changes take place. It is just magical.

  2. Wow. Both of you are geniuses. You for saying that chores are "treats for grownups" and her for coming up with the goggles idea. :)

  3. 7 is a great age, the things your new slave, *ahem* I mean littletree can do! :)

  4. I'm so going to use the "chores are special treats for grownups" line!


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