Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Left Hand of the Goddess

To update on my latest Life Drawings; I’ve been working last week on drawing only with my left hand.

And I’m not left-handed.

37 life drawing 100215

It’s so liberating – somehow, since I have less control of the charcoal the pictures come out much freer, and the effect is great.

40 life drawing 100215

You can see more Left-handed drawings here (just trying out the new “album” feature in blogger):


And this week I worked on not looking at the page while I was drawing. 

42 life drawing 10023

It’s a totally different style than the left-handed thing, but also really great results.

43 life drawing 10023

I’m enjoying drawing so much! It’s giving me a completely different way of looking at things as well.

Here’s my final piece for this week – the model sat for 45 minutes for this one; the longest pose I’ve worked on. I love it because the style is so vastly different from my instinctive drawing, which is very timid. This is so bold and confident.

44 life drawing 10023


  1. wow! they are amazing, I would love to be able to draw. Alas, not going to happen

  2. Amazing! You are so talented.

  3. I am really enjoying your life drawing posts MF and wow you have really improved from the first one- what a talent.

  4. You are getting really good at this aren't you? Fantastic!

  5. For who-knows-what-reason, I changed feed readers eons ago and you never made it over to the new one. And today I saw a link to you on someone else's blog and squealed.

    Anywho, since last stalking your blog, I have dreaded my hair and my family sold, simplified and purchased an RV park in south Texas. We create community with whoever comes and goes along their own little journeys. It is HEAVEN!

    And now you're back on my feed reader. Yea, joy!


  6. You got talent woman!

    Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    You're very inspiring to me and my husband, we're thinking about unschooling our kids, when that day comes.
    And you are doing a wonderful job with your daughter, gives us hope and courage to do it!

    Hugs from Julianne, Norway.

  7. You are so talented. They are beautiful! But then so are you ;)

  8. What a brilliant idea MF! Love it!

    And love the new blog background too :D


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)