Monday, 15 March 2010

Education Dissemination

My last post was about school. And more to the point, my being against it.

I’m glad, in the end, that I didn’t just jump up and enrol Littletree in school the minute she said she wanted to go. It didn’t take her long to change her mind about that.

For the record, I would like to point out that the OOSH (after-school care) at our village school is awesome. There’s quite a few kids who go regularly of their own accord. Homeschooled kids, kids from other schools, kids who have parents at home and no reason to stay after school, but they like it because the OOSH is great. The have huge amounts of resources available to the kids, they have some optional activities (last term they had weekly circus skills workshops, this term it’s creative dance), they have a huge room full of games and toys and art supplies. They get healthy snacks. I realise that not all schools have such a nice OOSH as we have – apparently the one in town is basically a shelter shed that the kids sit under, with nothing much to do.

Anyway, I’ve come to a point where I do believe school is damaging. I believe the main purpose for institutionalised education is the homogenising and dumbing down of minds. Children are taught to be bored, to be obedient, that they can’t learn on their own, and most of all, that learning is a chore to be endured. Children’s inherent thirst for learning and creative thinking processes are quashed.

I offer this article as a brief explanation, this as a very long, deep read, and this book which you can read entirely free online, as insights into my philosophy, just for starters.

19 batI don’t for a second go around judging people whose kids are in school. I don’t look at school kids and think their parents are abusive. Though for some reason, that’s how some people take it when I say I don’t want my kid at school.

I’m doing what I believe is best for my family. I don’t trust the government for a single second to uphold the integrity of my child’s emotional and mental wellbeing. And they’re not even pretending to try.

Meanwhile, we’ve been learning a lot about local fruitbats, since they’re hanging around our place a lot :)


  1. Great post my dear. I agree with you totally. Other than reading a short passage from John I have never actually read any books regarding homeschooling etc. (I might just have to read that book, been meaning to but have not had the time.)

    I have pretty much come to the same conclusion as you through my own experiences with both schools and homeschool groups and observing other families learning choices (which are each and every one so very unique, its wonderful).

    There are so many opinionated yet well meaning people out there who think its "their way" or nothing. They are everywhere, in school AND in homeschool groups. I have had the pleasure of running into them often in both situations.

    I think you have made great choices for your family and are giving LT loads of wonderful learning opportunites. Don't be too concerned about what others think. We can't please everyone now, can we?

    Hugs and smoochies xoxox

    PS... Now I don't suppose you have a miracle cure for insomnia up your sleeve do you? I have had about an hours sleep tonight and have failed miserably trying to get back there!

  2. thanks karisma.
    cure for insomnia? if only I knew! I've been staying up waaaay too late recently.

  3. I completely agree! Here in SEQ they can't even guarantee the physical safety of children at schools (several stabbing incidents this year so far, one DEATH, one kid hit by a car after running froma bully) So no WAY do I trust them with MY children.

    I do, however, realize that NOT everyone is lucky enough to be able to be at home with their kids :( And that even if they could, some would not choose to.

    And I'll take that miracle cure for insomnia as well, as soon as you come up with it ;)

  4. Nice post!! And yes, you did give me some wonderful historical and anthropological basics to further fuel my natural learning or unschooling views!! I never knew all that stuff about schooling being set up to keep kids out of the workforce - yet it makes strange and complete sense!! I haven't read the longer read or the book yet, but I'll get there. I'm learning so much about all this natural learning business!! I started off with just my own opinions and life experience, but now with the more reading I'm doing, as well as the observations I'm making about my kids and how they react when I try to 'teach' them, as well as their incredible memory retention for things they love, combined with the fact that they already remember NOTHING from thier two terms of school only two terms ago.......I'm amazed at how clear a picture I'm starting to get, and how beautifully they are all furnishing me with examples of my new found theories and philosophies!!! Thank you very much. I reckon you're an awesome woman, mother and intellect, and give you full honour and praise for your works:)

  5. Yeah, I also started out just feeling that home was better, but not really knowing anything to back that up. The more I read about school, the more turned off I get.


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