Friday, 19 March 2010


I was inspired to get myself a pair of good gumboots after the World Rainbow Gathering in New Zealand – it was so perpetually wet and muddy and cold, and I find keeping my feet warm and dry has become a priority since I keep getting chest infections.

When we were at the gathering, I sent Purple to town to get me some gumboots (or Wellies, as they call them over there), only they weren’t as easy to come by as he’d expected, and could only get me a pair that were not only 3 sizes too big, but blue! (Which is NOT as green as it could be)

14 ela crop

Still, I wore them anyway, being the practical girl that I am, and I was grateful for them. But I vowed to get myself a good pair of green ones when we got home. (Those ones I gave away to someone else at the Rainbow gathering when we left).

Having kept my eye out for a while for green boots, and not having any luck (why on earth wouldn’t anyone want to have green gumboots, I’d like to know?), I spotted these in town the other day

26 boots

At first I thought I couldn’t get them, because they were $50, but after looking around, I realised that’s a kind of reasonable price for them. I’m just out of touch, having spent less than that on all my shoes put together in the last 5 years at least.

I went back in and tried them on

30 boots

And I got them! yay! I love them so much!

Here’s a detail of the pattern:

28 boots

Cute, huh! It’s so nice to treat myself once in a while :)


  1. They are very nice, but I think you paid too much for them. They look identical to ones I can buy here for about $30. I've been tempted to buy a pair with a green & pink paisley pattern on them, but can't justify it because I already have nice gumboots. But because I liked them I examined them pretty thoroughly, so I'm sure they are the same brand.

    Whatever, they are a lovely pattern & it is great being able to walk about & keep your feet dry.

  2. yes, only I live in a rural area. I don't have access to bit city shops where I can get stuff cheap. I did find the same ones online for cheaper, but with the shipping it would have come out about the same. Besides, I'm supporting the local economy, since I got them in a locally-owned and run shop. :)

  3. Love em ! I've got green wellingtons or smellingtons as my kids like to call them but sadly mine are just the plain old green ones!

  4. Warm dry feet are worth the money. My son wears his wellies all four seasons -- basically until it's just too stinky hot to bear them anymore and then he goes barefoot. Enjoy!

  5. They are VERY cute! I also though would not have paid that much for them. Mind you if the quality and strength of them is good and they last you, they are totally worth it.

  6. I don't live in a big city, I live in a small town. And the shop I saw them in isn't a chain store, it's known locally as the hippy shop, but is actually called the New Age Markets.

  7. I love your boots. I have been looking for a pair and actually just ordered some Hunters. I am sure your boots will serve you well for a very long time!

  8. Very cute...:)
    I love frogs.

  9. they are perfect for a little green magikfaerie- just so cute.

  10. These are very cute boots :)


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