Saturday, 12 December 2009

Scrambled Egg

Littletree came home in the morning after a sleepover at her friend’s house, and announced that she wanted to make breakfast.

All she needed help with was finding the appropriate pans from the shelf.

She broke eggs into a bowl and beat them up

28 scrambled egg

Added milk and salt and pepper, and poured it into the pan (not spilling too much)

30 scrambled egg

Then we all sat down to a yummy breakfast – scrambled eggs on toast

32 scrambled egg

Pretty awesome stuff! and it looks like my plan of breeding my own tribe of servants is coming to fruition! Bwahahahahaa!


  1. yum! It's nice having a servant or two :)

  2. Yeah Yeah, don't count your chickens yet dear! If she is still so keen when she is 12 I might just have to steal her from you...hehehehehehee!


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