Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Adventures in Packing

Things are a bit frantic around here, with us working like mad to get all packed up to go to New Zealand for the World Rainbow Gathering, and getting the house cleaned for our house-sitter to arrive.

Littletree was “helping” me pack, but mostly getting in the way ;)


In the end, she was thankfully distracted by the arrival of presents in the mail


Then I went down to the basement with her so she could try out her new (hand-me-down) rollerskates


When that got boring, we got out Littletree’s latest project – drawing with a feather in ink.

33 ink and quill

And while I’ve done a great job on playing with Littletree today, the packing still has a ways to go – somehow there’s a huge pile of things to go into the backpacks, but they’re both full already! WAAA!

This will no doubt be my last post till after the Rainbow, so long till then!


  1. Have fun! Wish I could join you! Mwah xoxoxo

  2. Happy holidays, rainbows and blessings to you all!


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