Thursday, 10 December 2009


It’s been really hot here this week, and we’ve been going swimming a lot, both at the local creek and the pool in town. Littletree has been improving her swimming so much, and is even putting her head under water and doggy paddling around.

The other day she started practicing to jump into the pool; I feel so awed by her achievement, and her journey with fear of water. :)

23 dive

Littletree is getting a lot more independent in general, lately. A new family moved in next door with a 5 year old girl, and Littletree has been walking out to play with her several times a week. Then she started venturing 100M further down the road to our neighbour’s where they have a son the same age as Littletree and a 3 year old girl. The kids have a great time. Occasionally, Littletree even rides her bike down a further 200M from there to another family, where a 7 year old girl lives.

I love it that quite often all the neighbourhood kids get together and play around, riding bikes, climbing trees, running around. I love the sense of community, and that we don’t really have to worry about cars, and everyone knows everyone, and that I feel safe for Littletree to go out for walks to friends’ houses on her own in the afternoons.

Life is good :)


  1. Love to you on your side of the world as you enjoy the sunshine and work hard to keep birth where it belongs, with the mamas.


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  3. am pleased your daughter likes the tables sheet, they are fantastic my children loved the one I bought for them too. I cut the sheet into table sections and then 'hole punched' the top and made it into a booklet secured with 2 small keyrings for them as we use to do tables in the car and it made it easier for them to hold.


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