Monday, 14 December 2009

Christmukah Party

This weekend was the Christmas party in our village. It was a lovely picnic – lots of fun, everyone was hanging out in the park, singing carols, there was live music, and kids running everywhere

34 xmas party

Santa arrived, on the village fire truck, of course.

35 xmas santa fire sleigh

The kids crowded around him while he gave out presents, and poor Littletree was the only child standing there politely with her hands out.

37 xmas santa

All the other kids were yelling and pushing and grabbing, while Littletree stood patiently waiting… and in the end, “Santa” passed her over about a dozen times giving little candy bags to the louder kids, and she missed out all together.

Littletree was so sad – it was the first time she’d ever seen a Santa :( She didn’t even really want the lollies, but it really sucked getting passed over like that when she was the only child not jumping around and pushing.

We sat down together for a hug, and she told me that he wasn’t the real Santa; just a man dressed up, and the real Santa is just something people believe in.

She got over it pretty quick, and went to play with her friends until it was sunset - time to light the Hannukah candles

39 channukah

I really enjoy the ritual of lighting the candles, and singing songs. 

40 channukah 

We thought it was pretty funny to be lighting Hannukah candles at a Christmas party, but no one else seemed to know what it was. The Hannukiah did draw some interested guests though

42 channukah

Merry Non-Specific Holidays to everyone!


  1. Oh, man. It's so unfortunate that Santa wasn't more observant. I'm sure my quiet little ones would have been passed over as well! Happy Holidays to you and yours. :)

  2. typical hey? The nice quiet kids always miss out! But hey, at least Little tree has the sense to know what its all kids on many occasions have stood up for the little ones who miss out! I was actually amazed last week when one friend told me that my boys had saved her little girl from an unsavoury situation. ( And here I was thinking they were just out playing!) Have to say a proud mama moment there. They plucked a four year old girl out of a nasty situation...other kids were hurting her and apparently my boys stepped in...lifted her up and removed her with nothing more than a stern look at the other kids...the little girl in question told her mama that "my boys SAVED me mama!) How sweet! Now if only they could extend that attitude to our house hey? At home one of them chose to tell big sis that she was growing a mustache! She was not amused and all hell broke lose! Ah the joys of teen girls and hormonal pre-teen boys! Luxky Me! I WANNA COME TO RAINBOW!!!! CAN YOU SQUEEZE ME IN YOUR SUITCASE???? HUH??????


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)