Sunday, 27 July 2008

my pearly whites

A few folk have asked what I did in the end with my dental dilemma, I did a lot of reading and soul-searching, and finally decided not to have the work done, mostly out of sheer laziness.

I kind of had this idea that I should be able to heal my teeth through nutrition, I know my best friend has done a lot of work on re-mineralising his teeth. Though he's also done a lot of work on getting fancy silver fillings ;)

Anyways, it seemed reasonable to assume that the dentist was really looking to make some extra money and I don't need to have the work done just yet.

So, thus begins my journey into the wild depths of nutritional healing on my teeth. I'm learning a lot about Weston A. Price and taking care to brush more and eat more dark green leaves.
Well, the green leaves part is easy ;)
I shall definitely update as I get further down this path...

In other news;
My wonderful computer, who is still pretty new and therefore under warranty, is playing up a little, so I might be sending her in for a service :(
The fun part was that I had to backup my hard disk, and re-install everything. :(:(:(

Of course I blame Vista for all my problems, and naturally, Vista makes it easy to do so.
During the install wizard, I got this screen:
A more secure environment
Spend less time fixing problems and enjoy a faster, more reliable online experience with Windows Vista

What!?? I would never have seen that screen if not for trying to fix problems. and then just minutes later, my computer popped up a little box to tell me it found some problems and I should click on it to see what they are and how to solve them. That got me to this screen:Problem caused by Windows
This problem was caused by Windows, which was created by Microsoft Corporation. Currently there is no solution for the problem that you reported.

Yep. Next time I'm getting a Mac


  1. Naughty girl! You should have got fixed up while you were there! As for Microsoft, they are the bane of all evil! Isn't your dh a programmer? (linux is the way to go, Mac is installable too!)

  2. i just bought a vista, and it seems very promising from where i'm at. but i trust when you say it's a bit messed up. generally, electronics are destined to cause troubles and make us regret that we don't constantly live in nature.

    good luck with the teeth (:

  3. DP has been gnashing his teeth about Vista since we got it (on the same laptop as you have too!) The harddrive has been fried beyond repair twice now... Meanwhile the old laptop with XP is still going strong lol.

  4. My 14 year old is a techie and he makes jokes about Windwos 95 and we say, when we are tired or pooped out that we have "blue screened". He raves all day long about Linux.

  5. You don't have to buy a MAC, just use Linux...Windows user friendly version here:


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