Friday, 4 July 2008

Journey to the Big Buddha

Yesterday we went for a little trip to see the Big Buddha of Phuket, which is still under construction, but already very impressive at 45 metres high. You can see it from everywhere in southern Phuket.

Littletree was SO excited to go up to the Buddha!

10 seq buddha

There's loads of little temples and statues around14 buddhaAnd great views

08 temple

From the top you can see where we live - on the beach at the far left.

09 view

Littletree is still talking about the big Buddha, it's been the highlight of our stay in Phuket. Funny how she's so obsessed with the Buddha, and Hindu gods...


  1. That is really cool!
    I remember when I was little I saw photos of Buddha and was sort of in awe. I still am!
    You lucky ducks!

  2. what a lovely place. Are you guys staying there long?

  3. what a lovely place. Are you guys staying there long?

  4. These photos are so peaceful... I can understand why Little tree finds the big statue fascinating, I would too :-)

  5. Oh Littletree is a girl after my own old heart! She is so sweet!

    Just popping by from Joyous Learning, I saw the thread about your gardening techniques, Im so happy to see someone is like minded about letting nature take its course. Im telling you in my case it works for me. My Father in law recently came to live with us and is attacking my wild garden. I am trying to stay patient but really he has no idea. Last week I planted some herbs and he swears the dogs will dig them up. I spoke to the dog and begged she leave my herbs alone and thus far (touch wood) she has. FIL has a habit of ripping out my herbs as he thinks they are weeds.

    this week I have been madly picking out my babies (self seeded herbs) that he wants to mill over! Boo Hoo! He is so sweet and wants to help, but I am more of a nature faerie!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)