Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Fashion in a Flash

Lately Littletree has been hassling me to buy her more Barbies. I realise this is because 63 Barbie sewingwe didn't bring any with us on this trip - when we packed and I let her choose what toys to bring, she deliberately left all her Barbies at home. Though I suggested she bring some, Littletree said she wouldn't need to bring any since her cousins in Israel have lots.

Well, of course, it's been almost two months since we were in Israel. I bought her a couple of cheap imitation Barbies to give as a gift to keep her occupied during the labour, while I would be too busy to give her so much attention.

Of course, they didn't have enough dresses, and *that* was the problem, and why she wanted more. So! I took some crappy old clothes and scraps, and we made a pattern off one of the Barbie dresses, and sewed a new one :)

It was actually really fun to work together; I did a lot of the technical stuff, and Littletree did the design work.

64 Barbie sewing When all the sewing was done, Littletree did some bead-work on the skirt, which turned out really lovely, and great to see how skilful she was with the needle and thread.CIMG3773 The finished product:CIMG3775 I think we should call her "Full Moon Party" Barbie, what with the tie-dyed batik skirt, sparkly, raggy look and ratty hair ;)



  1. Beautiful! Beats Mattel (or whoever's responsible) any day!

  2. Little tree is quite the seamstress! I remember when my girls were little! You know no matter how much you spend on the Barbie Wagon! They will still want you to design, sew, dye hair, cut hair, build houses, design new stuff, etc etc etc.

    I say design away. Forget about the real barbie crap and have fun with the real life stuff! Much more enjoyable. Keep using your imagination Littletree, its the best!

  3. Hand made Barbie clothes are more beautiful I think :-)

    I used to love my Sindy and Barbie doll and would regular take them into the bath so that they could save each other from drowning ;-)

    Little Tree is just so lovely!

  4. Just wanted to tell you I am enjoying your blogs and am traveling vicariously...thanks :)


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