Thursday, 10 July 2008

And the Winner is... Sydney!

We're back in the Land Down Under, it's all very okker and ozzie. Not to mention FREEZING!

People don't really think of cold when they think of Australia. Somehow, in other countries, people think Australia is just Bondi Beach; in summer, and the Outback. We all get around on the backs of kangaroos.

Sometimes I almost believe it. Except that there is a winter, in most of Australia. It even snows. They have ski resorts! And we were crazy enough to think it would be fun to go up the mountains when we arrive and have a day to play in the snow.

Somehow I forgot to calculate for us being really well acclimatised to the heat of Thailand, and not actually having any proper winter clothes. Not even shoes or a raincoat for me.

In any case, we arrived to Sydney, breezed through fairly easily and got our rental car. The funny thing about flying planes and renting cars these days; it's cheaper than taking public transport. For the same price as the three of us going by train from the airport and to our friends' house in Wollongong, and back, and making one trip into Sydney, we rented a car for 5 days.

01 twin slingIt was great to visit with our friends Luminy and Hillarioush, who we met 7 years ago in Africa. We all travelled and stayed together back in those days before we all had kids and had to stop travelling. er...

These days they have a two and a half year old girl; Clear, and five month old twin boys. The twins were born 10 weeks premature, so they're very small, and one of them has a liver condition and needs a transplant. So they're pretty busy.

Yesterday we went to a meet up of mamas from Joyous Learning in Sydney, which was really great. A bunch of parents and unschooled kids got together and sat in a funky cafe that has a children's playroom upstairs. Then we all walked up the road to a playground.12 JL meetThis afternoon we're going to drive down to Canberra and visit our friends, and then hopefully get up the mountains to see some snow. Littletree has been wishing for ages that we'll go to a snow forest and play in snow and see snow faeries...


  1. We certainly weren't prepared for camping in July! Brrrrr...and does anyone in the Snowy Mountains have a heater?!??? Not that we could find ...froze our toez off! If you're visiting Katoomba, could you dine at Niche Nosh and think of us? Hope you see lots of snow fairies!! Glad you're home and enjoying "lower" NSW.

  2. sounds like fun...make sure littletree wears her mittens and a hat! I love snow. we seldome see any where we live.

  3. I have to admit, I am one of those Brits that imagined Australia to be always hot... too many episodes of Home & Away I think ;-)

  4. Welcome Home! And say hi to the faeries for me while your there! Its cold enough on the coast for me, won't catch me heading to the mountains unless its summer! I like to hibernate in winter.

  5. hey there.
    i've been visiting your blog for some time now, and i have to admit that i became a little addicted (;

    so i just opened a new blog here at blogger, and linked you through my "inspiration" list. i hope it's ok. (if not, i'll take the link off as soon as you tell me).

    have a free day,


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