Saturday, 11 August 2007

There's a Goanna in my Kitchen making Falafel!

Perhaps the sequel to There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake

Ana slept over last night while her mama, J, went out dancing. The girls had a great time :) The got out the food dye again and made more 'potions'. we found out, interestingly, that if you mix all the colours together, until its black, and then hold it up to the light, it's actually RED - the same as coca-cola is. BUT when you pour out a bit into a glass, its GREEN!!! We spent lots of time pouring green liquid out of a bottle of red liquid. it was very trippy.

This morning, we are making Falafel. I mixed up some yeast dough and left it to rise in the sun, for the pita bread. Purple is grinding soaked chick peas (garbanzos) and herbs for the falafel. The girls are making a mess in the middle ;)

Meanwhile, I heard a rustling at the kitchen back door, and looked over, thinking one of the bush turkeys was there, but no... it was our Goanna! We went out and had a good look at it, I snapped photos, of course.


  1. Unrelated to this particular post, but wanted to get in touch to ask a question.

    Been reading through your articles and old posts. Lovin' it, by the way and will probably have more questions in the future as a little support from a more experienced mama is always helpful ;)

    Today's question: I'm going to Fiji in 2 weeks, as you may know, meeting up with family from AUS... anyway, I haven't had Teagan in any sort of sling/pack in QUITE some time. I do carry her a bit, but she's an active toddler and in suburbia the stroller suffices for longer distances when she tires from walking....anyway....
    question: I'd like to try her in a sling again for purposes of hiking and travel in villages, and would like your suggestions on best way to "wear" the 35lb toddler. :) I read that at 2 1/2, Littletree rode on your back in sling. Any particular type of sling or size of fabric/methods of tying?


  2. Wow, sounds like a great trip! I actually still take littletree in a sling on my back, and on occasion on a sarong-sling on my hip - and she's 4. I dont know what she weighs, about 35 - 40 lbs, I'd guess - yes, a lightweight for her age :)

    anyway, For short distances, and times when its a lot of "up and down" carrying; like if she wants to walk, but its too far for her, so she's getting in and out of the sling every few minutes, then I'll put her in the hip sling. Its very comfortable, and she can nurse from in there, and fall asleep, and I can 'bounce' her from the front to the side to the back.
    Its basically a very primitive ring-sling style (like the Over The Shoulder Baby Holder). I just tie an extra-long sarong (minimum 1.8Metres) with a not at the tails, and hand it over my shoulder. Littletree sits in the pocket that creates, rather like just being held on my hip, but supported by the cloth, rather than my hands. For good pictures, you can check out they have really good step-by-step picures. though I use a shorter cloth than they do.

    For putting her on my back (like if I expect she'll be up there longer - because for heavy bubbas, on the hip sling can get a bit tough with all the weight on one shoulder) I use a long piece of fabric and wrap it on. My fabric is 4.5 metres, and I've sewn it so the tails get thinner at the ends so its easier to tie - but that's not necessary.

    Basically, I hold Littletree on my back, as if giving her a piggy-back ride, then drape the middle of the fabric over her, tucking the bottom of it under her butt. Then I bring the tails up over my shoulders, and back around under my arms to cros-cross behind her back, and under her butt - the tails criss-cross under her and go between her legs, and in front to tie at my waist.

    there is a picture of the finished product on the babywearing article. I dont have a good set of pics demonstrating how to do it, but I think if you search for babywearing sites, you should find one, if my description isnt clear enough.
    otherwise, I think an Ergo, or similar would be a GREAT investment if you can afford it. Especially if you plan on long hikes with a LO
    feel free to ask more...

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  4. Thanks! This was VERY helpful!

    I was looking at the Ergo some time ago actually, but don't know that Teagan will stay in a pack anymore. She's really prefers to be down and running/walking unless she's tired. Something simple like the sling should be good for those times, It think.


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