Friday, 10 August 2007

Koalas, Haircuts and Dead Computers

Well, that's it! My darling computer is rattling her last throes. Yesterday we came home from town and the screen didn't work :( She seems to be working anyway, but its hard to tell with no screen. so I drove back down the mountain and took her to the computer shop. I'll know on monday if there's anything I can do. Of course, I knew the end was coming soon, and I spent the whole of the day before on the computer backing stuff up. and of course, I didn't finish. I hope I'll get to save the last of my files!

And now! I begin researching what kind of computer I will buy next. I really just want my old one back, in perfect working order. I love that computer, and without it I feel a little like my hands are cut off.

On the lighter side of the news, last night Purple came back from the toilet all excited - there was a Koala in a tree right outside our back door!

I guess that makes up for the snake having left us, after several days on our back step. So I grebbed Littletree out of bed (she was very close to falling asleep, but it was worthy to wake her up!). We snuck quietly out and marvelled at the Koala, which was, amazingly, in a palm tree, rather than a eucalypt. I had no idea Koalas ever go up in other trees. I snapped some photos, while Koala posed, and Littletree awed. It was a pretty special moment. Yesterday we searched for books on Koalas in the library...
Purple is also now sporting a new haircut, thanks to Littletree and Ana...

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  1. Ah thats so cute...
    Koalas and haircuts...

    You read my blog on tribe?



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