Saturday, 25 August 2007

My New Baby


This is the moment you've all been waiting for! My New Computer!
Its an HP dv2305tu. Its very SHINY!

For you tech geeks out there who know what it means, she has
1.86GHz Intel Dual Core,
LightScribe 8x DVD WR+ dual layer
14.1" widescreen WXGA brightview HD screen
1.3MP built in webcam
Wireless, Bluetooth, 5-in-1 card reader, QuickPlay with remote control,
some other cool stuff.
and its shiny :D

I'm slowly getting to know it. It's much smaller than my old computer, well, maybe about the same size, but thinner and much lighter. and faster. definately faster. My old faithful, Jasmine, was about 6 years old.

I'm not too excited about running Vista, but I'm getting used to it. Vista is very pretty, at least. If it doesnt work out for me, I'll give Ubuntu a try.

Anyway, there are many things I like, many things I'm not excited about... mostly, its just comparing the new one to the old one, which, while old and not so fast, was an IBM ThinkPad T30, and therefore very good.

Like, the screen is one of the glossy kind. I'm used to matt. Glossy is supposed to be good for better brighter colour, good for gaming and watching movies. But it reflects. You can see in the pic how much it reflects. The viewing angles are okay though. not quite as good as the ThinkPad, but better than many.

Same with the sound. Its loud enough, though not as loud as the old one. However, I shouldnt compare; my old computer had a really good speaker; we could easily listen to music and stuff. I was surprised in the flood when Naughty put a movie on his Toshiba laptop, but it was so quiet we couldnt hear it from just a couple of metres away and he had to use the speakers in his van.

Here you can see them side by side. You can see how HP is smaller, and shinier.
And below is how they look closed. Yep, Jasmine is well-loved and personalised, HP is just shiny.

The keyboard isnt quite as comfy as the old one, though I daresay I'll get used to it. I just need to type a teensy bit harder than before. I'm getting used to the touchpad mouse, which I think is a very good one. Though I do sadly miss my old TouchPoint mouse :(
I took a few photos sids by side, to make comparisons. It seems to be the thing to do ::shrug::
Here's the side view and below is the rear view. Yep, Jasmine was a port-monster!

Sometimes it does strange things that I dont know why. Mostly, its just lots of fancy high-tech stuff that is a little too space-age-sci-fi for me. Like it has all these media controls that you just brush your finger over gently, rather than pressing.

Also, the screen only opens to 130 degrees, rather than Jasmin's 180. and all the weight is at the back. So, its a nice computer. There's nothing actually wrong with it, I'm just not used to it yet. and I've yet to discover all its ins and outs.

Big thanks to the people (no one) who donated to my fund! LOL


  1. Ive been looking at the 12 inch hp, with the 180 swivel screen.
    There is one with the touch screen that folds down into a palette (which is pretty cool), but the screen glare with the touch film is sooo bad.

    The cheaper without is a better choice.
    My lap-top is in for warranty repairs, a new battery, and the warranty is ggod till dec 08.
    By then these hps will come down in price by then.
    I will switch to ubuntu eventually when my processor speed it too slow- but until then...
    We have a 'free-geek' computer recovery space in Vancouver where old computers are recovered with linux and sent back out for more duty.

    Just hanging here at Andreas friends farm. They have goats- chickens and a green house.
    Nice wedding party.


  2. Yeah, I looked at that exact 12" HP tablet. but it was double the cost of this one...
    anyway, kiss andreas!


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