Thursday, 30 August 2007

Purple Birthday

Today was Purple's birthday. He's 37.

When Littletree woke up, I told her that it's Aba's birthday and she replied excitedly; "birthday!? what about sharing? I like cake!"

We didn't really do anything to celebrate, and the day started out with the gas bottle running out, so we had to go to town to have it filled.

Belle and Ana came over for dinner, I made a yummy curry. For a birthday cake, I made a stack of pancakes layered with strawberries and maple syrup whipped with coconut cream. As we dont have a proper oven so I cant bake real cakes :(

Of course, the birthday cake was really for the benefit of the girls, and since we didnt have any candles, I lit some sparklers for the girls. They sure loved that!

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