Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Next Step

The Hallowe’en preparations continue – in the last post I shared Littletree’s costume designs, which she is working on avidly.

So the next step was a big one – one I had to think long and hard about. Littletree wanted to dye her hair black.


We considered black hair spray, because it just rinses out, but Littletree didn’t want the hairspray effect with stiff hair. We ruled out a permanent dye, because I wasn’t willing to let her have those chemicals on her head, nor she deal with the growing-out process…

So we settled on doing a rinse-out dye, of the kind that only last a few washes, but don’t do dramatic changes in colour. Littletree, being a redhead, her hair did come out a LOT darker, but the red still shines through20121018_125741

Still, it looks good, and she’s really happy with it – we did it two weeks in advance so we’d have time to do allergy tests (Littletree has had mild reactions to several ingredients in body lotions), and to fix it if it turned out a disaster. Luckily, neither were a problem.


I think it makes her look more grown-up and sophisticated. In any case, it will soon wash out.

The next next step is to find her some fangs.

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