Sunday, 28 October 2012

Of Butterflies and Dragons

Remember ages ago Littletree did an intensive pottery workshop with home school group? (here)

Well, I finally managed to pick up her finished, glazed pieces from the kiln – I’d missed picking them up before the potter went away on holiday, so we had to wait till she came back, but it was worth the wait!

Littletree was so excited – the dragon she made came out so gorgeously


Here it is from the other side, I’d been worried that the scales and wings she’d stuck on might not stick or would break, but she did really well with the “scratching and gluing with slag” technique and it all feels really solid.


The deep blue glaze came out gorgeous; Littletree had agonised for ages over what colour glaze to use, changing her mind 17 times before finally deciding that both pieces should be the same deep blue.

And the bowl came out lovely too


From the underside so you can see how the “spaghetti” technique came out:


And of course, the bowl was a gift for BooBoo, who approves muchly (well, he approves of anything that has food in it)!



  1. Wonderful dragon, I like the work of Littletree, BooBoo is funny!

    I wish you all a huge weekend:)



Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)