Wednesday, 17 October 2012

It begins

Hum, I didn’t post anything for a little while. I’m sure there’s a good reason, and it’s probably relating to something awesome.

Meanwhile, Littletree has gotten intensely excited about Hallowe’en coming up. It’s all a bit baffling to me, as it’s a new import to Australia; we never had Hallowe’en when I was a wee sproglet.

But it’s catching on fast here now, and Littletree is gearing up for a big event. Her current project is designing and sewing herself a costume. She’s been working on it for a couple of weeks now, collecting fabrics, working on sketches and designs, making lists of props and suchness…


I’m actually incredibly impressed with her designs – here’s her costume design, which will be a werecat


And the completed design, complete with background


And an extra design that she made for a friend


Of course, I’m talking with her about All Hallows Eve, and Beltane and history and traditions, and Littletree is all, “yeah, yeah, you told me about that last year, I just wanna design my costume”.


  1. Lovely, so cute, congrats Littletree:)


  2. There's also a big Japanese tradition of "NekoMimi" (cat-ears).

  3. She has quite a flair for the sketching. There is a definite anime-look to her characters and quite a bit of maturity in the proportions and stance.

  4. I'm so totally blown away and seriously impressed by her drawings - wow!


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