Friday, 16 December 2011

The Piano Girl

Littletree came and said she wants to get an electric keyboard for Christmas, and to learn to play piano. I said an electric keyboard might be a bit out of our budget at the moment, but we can save up for it.

She shrugged at that, and flounced off… An hour later, I found her set up in the living room, having made herself an electric keyboard, practising her piano skills.


Apparently it’s got all the best features and she’s been playing some awesome music on it already! ;)


  1. Buy Littletree a small xylophone,it's pretty much the same for learning the electric keyboard.

    Warm regards


  2. I think its wonderful to see a child use their initiative and imagination in this way to create their own key board this is way to rare in this modern world full of telly and play stations etc. Obviously a very well adjusted bright little girl


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