Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Home from Rainbow Land

Just got home from the Australian Rainbow Gathering, which was all kinds of awesome!

We packed up my trusty van, Sunshine with all the gear and tipi poles on the roof and hit the road! On the way we stopped at the Coroborree Land out at Tabulam to pick up the big communal pots – was nice to break the journey and have a nice swim in the river on a hot day!

02 tabulam camp

It took most of two days to drive down to the Blue Mountains, but it was great to arrive at Home and get the tipi set up… right before we all moved to a better site, 2 hours away. Exhaustion much!?

Aaaand then it was time to drive down to Sydney to pick Littletree up from the airport.

10 sydney

Honestly, I have no idea how people manage to live there, I was so wiped out from being in the city for one day, and all we did was drive in to the airport and drive out again!

So it took us a whole week to get down, get set up, move again, set up again and settle in! Phew! But it was really nice to be in the tipi once more, and to be in nature and at rainbow, after a year without gathering on the land.

19 tipi

I Loved being able to go for circles every day, singing and Aumming and eating communally under the big tree

13 morning circle

And Food Circle around the sacred fire in the evening

52 morning circle

There were so many awesome workshops – someone bought a bucket of avocado seeds and some carving tools, and some people got together to carve an avocado chess-set

48 avocado carving workshop

Juggling, capoeira and Hula Hooping

14 hula hoop

I held my usual water-bottle-holder crochet workshop

24 crochet workshop

Random acts of group massage

18 massage line

Face Painting in silence by the creek

28 facepaint

Making signs for the kitchen

16 sign making

Fire Twirling

44 fire twirling

Dress-ups for the production of Alice in RainbowLand, and for the Cabaret

41 neptune shivalam

And so much more!

I worked in the kitchen (as I do), but was pretty good at stepping back and not getting burned out

37 kitchen

And spent a lot of time lying on a rock in the river, or in my hammock. It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and to make new connections. Great to be back in the bush, watching the stars and the moon, falling asleep at night to the sounds of the drums, making chapatis and doughnuts on an open fire, feeling the rain on my skin.

But not too much rain!

07 gumboot family

And now it’s good to be home!

More photos can be found on my flickr page HERE


  1. this sounds like heaven. wish there was a rainbow gathering somewhere near me.

  2. Looks divine! I would love to go to a rainbow gathering heck I would love to go to Australia.

  3. So good to see you and glad you could meet the family finally! Great photos!

  4. Thanks everyone :) it was amazing!

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