Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Back in the Swim

Just getting settled back at home again, and we’re off to home school group. The last meet up was at this awesome place called Island Quarry, which is a sustainable living arts centre formed around a lake in an old bluestone quarry that was abandoned in 1980.

It was really cool, and well worth a visit if you’re heading into Byron Bay for any reason.

The kids had a great time exploring the surrounds, swimming, kayaking and jumping off the cliffs.

32 Island Quarry

33 Island Quarry


35 Island Quarry

There were even some crazy backpackers jumping off the high 20-metre cliffs, I managed to capture some video.

And this all counts as educational… just a study on the practical applications of gravity, right?


  1. That looks lovely (although any croc free waterway looks lovely to me in this heat)

  2. Wow, we have here fall in Switzerland.


  3. As I use to say: "Gravity is my co-pilot"...
    Andrea (Uaz85 on flickr)

  4. I was in Thailand, Vietnam Laos and Singapore, but I miss a Australia trip, so a wonderful landscape!


  5. @Andrea, whenever I drop something, I always say, "gravity, thou art a heartless wench".

    Sounds like a great trip, Orianne

  6. Yes, AND it counts as "sociology" while you were studying the insane behaviors of those backpackers. ♥

  7. @majikfaerie

    It was great, Laos is my fav. country, because the Hmongs and the Khmus are so pleasant. I like the hills and pure nature.

  8. Oh, I love Laos; have been there twice, but 11 and 12 years ago, so it's probably a bit different.

  9. @ majikfaerie

    Oh yes, you're rigt, but my sister was in Myanmar, she had a lot of problems with the Police. The country is beautifu.


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