Saturday, 22 October 2011

Holding the Space

To the casual observer, it may appear that things are a little dull around here. My blogging has lagged into “filler” posts. And it’s true: I simply don’t have as much time, space, or energy to put into it at the moment. So I’m reduced to the level of “oh my, I haven’t blogged lately… what can I think of? Meh, just post some photos of something cute Littletree did lately”.

Since this is my website and I can say anything I darned well please, and let’s be honest, my life has been interesting enough to fulfil more Chinese curses than one could possibly wish on one’s worst enemy, I’m allowed to post fillers once in a while.

Even the greatest of TV series has a “flashback” episode every few seasons. So I will flash back to a year ago, when I drove down to the Blue Mountains Rainbow Gathering with Littletree.

This particular flashback is apt, because I am currently planning and packing for the next Australian Rainbow Family Gathering, which will be, again, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney (though not in the exact same location again).

Double Yay and all kinds of excitingness!

083 welcome home rainbow

I shall even – wonder of wonders – be driving down without Littletree! She will be staying home with Purple, and flying down after Hallowe’en, for which she has many plans. Even though only for a week, this will be the first time I’ve been at a rainbow gathering without Littletree since she was born (since even before that, if you count the three gatherings I was at while pregnant).

So though life is in stasis at the moment – or maybe it’s in flux… hard to tell, since my flux capacitor is on the blink again, I shall soon be relaxing in my hammock by my tipi, enjoying the sun.

079 morning mist


  1. Hi majik faery, i think you and me were in a similar mood tonight, but who can tell! From Star

  2. a thought - stasis and flux are the same when viewed from a place of equanimity. (or possibly a swinging hammock)
    you're doing great sweetie xxx

  3. You're right, Lady Demelza. And I have a new, awesome double hammock from which to swing as soon as we get there.

  4. i have very much enjoyed your recent posts. it had never occurred to me they might be "filler posts"
    i like this post too.

  5. your posts are always interesting! we are seriously considering going to this gathering as we haven't made it to one in aust yet! nervous about a big first trip w one month old and two year old though. tips for packing/planning?

  6. So pleased to read the flux capacitor reference. I've been waiting for years! Be sure not to create a rift in the space time continuum. I understand that laying ones body diaganolly in a hammack prevents any muscular injury. But you already know that. Great Scott!

  7. Hoping to catch up with you at the Rainbow Family gathering!

  8. Ciao!
    Hoping that your space here will be filled soon with (good) news from you and Littletree.
    (Uaz85 on Flickr)

  9. Hi all and thanks for the lovely comments :)
    Lauren and Jenn, it was great to see you both at the gathering!


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)