Saturday, 26 March 2011

Unschooling Awesomeness

We’ve been having loads of great times with home school group lately, despite a few families dropping out.

Lots of fun days at the beach

08 sandcastle

A trip to Sea World to see the new Penguin Encounter exhibit

07 penguin

Which was pretty cool

08 penguin

We were rained-out a couple of times, but discovered we can go to the local library and book out enough computers for all the kids to have one each, then they all sit together playing games like Fantage or Club Penguin

09 HS group

A couple of times we went to the roller skating rink in the city

36 skate

Littletree’s friend Anasho gave her a hand-me-down pair or rollerblades as an early birthday present, so Littletree has learned to skate properly on blades. 44 skate

The first time she put them on, she was asking to rent roller skates because she couldn’t manage to stand up on the blades. We convinced her to keep trying for a bit longer, and about 20 minutes later she was zipping around the rink, no hands!

Littletree skating

Hooray for unschooling :)


  1. Looks like some great times! I home-schooled for a while, but I was worried that my kids weren't learning enough, so I put them in public school... They were tested before they could be admitted, and they both tested several grade levels ABOVE what they were supposed to be... I still put them in, though, but I wish I never had. Kudos to Littletree for learning to skate on Roller Blades!

  2. Oh, I wanna come and play at your homeschool group, you always have so much fun! :-)

  3. Well I totally would but my man loves it here too much. He is unimpressed with your beaches up there. (every time we have been there was no surf!)

    I would be there in a flash! I love your forests! xox

  4. really? this area is so famous for surfing.

  5. Yes I know, the very first time he visited he had a great surf but every other time we came it was flat. LOL. He is rather attached to our local beach.

  6. ah, but your local beach doesn't have our awesome HS group around the corner, or me! =P


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