Monday, 21 March 2011

Early Birthday Present

20 birthday presentSince Littetree is going to Israel with Purple for her birthday, and I won’t be there, I decided to give her her birthday present early.

She had on her wish list: A charm bracelet, a historical book about dinosaurs, a little fairy statue, an underwater camera, rollerblades and a trip to India. I found a really cheap camera online and got her that. (sacrificing photo quality for underwaterness, but I think for her it’s a good trade-off).

Littletree was, naturally, super excited to get an early present.

The great unwrapping:

21 birthday present

Even more surprised to see what the gift was:

22 birthday present

Didn’t take her long to get it out of the box and all set up

23 birthday present

And before too long she was running about snapping away

24 birthday present camera

Here’s the first test shots she took

25  birthday present first photo

26 birthday present second photo

I figure now she can use her own camera for the hours and hours she spends making little videos with mine :)


  1. Happy Early Birthday to Littletree. :-) Who wouldn't want an underwater camera? Uber cool! :-)

  2. It looks like it takes nice clear shots. What brand is it? Zak wants an underwater camera for his birthday too and so far he has picked out a lot of expensive ones!

  3. yep, very ­über cool.

    It's an Otek brand, we got this one on with an included AAA USB battery charger (which is really cool to have) for under $100 with shipping.
    It does take nice, clear shots, but compared to the picture quality of my Lumix, it's pretty crap. But perfect for a kid who doesn't know the difference and gets more out of the waterproofness of it, which also means it's dust-proof and goop-proof. If it gets dirty or sunscreen leaks in your bag on it, just wash it off :)

  4. Love the pic of the two of you xo

  5. Thanks lovely! Sounds wonderful to me, especially the goop proof bit! LOL Z is trying very hard to be responsible for his things but he tends to be a bit remiss with putting things away, remembering where he put them etc. So cheap is best me thinks! And underwater proof is his main interest too. Can't wait to see some of Little Trees underwater shots!

    Hugs xoxoxo

  6. yep, goop proof is very good :)
    I know someone with a (much pricier) waterproof camera, and for a grownup who has no particular penchant for diving or snorkelling, she mostly uses it for a party trick. she sets the camera on timer and then drops it into her beer, to take a photo of everyone. Sounds like a big waste of beer to me.

  7. You are such a great mama.

  8. Happy early bithday LT. And yep the photo's are great :)


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