Friday, 25 March 2011

Spider Explosion

The other night Purple went to turn off the dehumidifier (which, by the way, is an awesome device for people living in humid climates and suffering from mould-related problems)… only to be surprised by an explosion of cute little baby spiders.

17 baby spiders

Freaky! There were hundreds of them, scattering everywhere. Good to know we have significantly less problems with mosquitoes than our neighbours! I’m not sure I’m really happy about them all over the appliances, but at least they make a great photograph.


  1. i don't want to alarm you but those look like baby brown recluse spiders. i can't tell for sure from the picture but the shape and color is a dead ringer for the ones we have here in the u.s.

  2. omg...... I'm seriously traumatized for you. I hope you get this taken care of. Do you know what kind they are???

  3. COOL!!!!!! Are they huntsman's? I am intrigued after reading Tansy's comment. Got me thinking and wondering and now I am going to have to go google it! She often has that effect on me! LOL

  4. I'm fairly sure they're huntsman babies - extremely common here and completely harmless (except to mosquitoes and cockroaches). My house is full of them.

  5. Well... If they're not harmful to humans, then I guess that's better than mosquitoes and roaches! :-)


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