Monday, 24 January 2011

Rainbow Adventure

We’ve been out at the Australian Rainbow Gathering on and off for the last week and a half – well, to be more accurate, Purple was there on and off, Littletree was there for the whole time, and I just popped in for a day.

Purple and Littletree went out the weekend before last, just planning to stay two days. They had a great time (while I stayed home waiting on a client due to start her birthing process any day now).

But when it came time to go home, Littletree was having such a great time, she didn’t want to leave. Some very good friends of ours offered to take care of her for a few days till Purple and I could come back the following weekend to pick her up. The site is very conveniently located just a few minutes from a small village with a phone and only 2 hours drive from home, so it was agreed that if there’s any problem someone would call us to come out and get her immediately.

Pretty confronting! I missed my little girl; it was the first time she was without her parents for five days! She did call us twice to say hi and have a chat, both times I asked her if she wanted me to come and get her, both times she insisted she wanted to stay. I knew I could trust the people taking care of her, and there were a lot of parents with unschooled kids out there, as well as several women Littletree knows well from past gatherings and feels connected with, so I surrendered, knowing that she was safe and cared for, following her own path.


As parents, we all know there will come a time when our kids grow up, become more independent and start going out to parties and festivals without us. I knew that day would come… but I didn’t expect it this soon!

Littletree is simply confident and independent. She knows what she needs and can clearly communicate and express herself. I wonder what happened to all those people who said if I breastfeed too long or let her sleep in the bed with me or carry her in a sling all the time she’d end up never learning how to cope on her own and I’d have her clinging to my skirts forever? I guess that will kick in any day now.

In any case, I went out on Friday with Purple to pick her up, and still she wanted to stay, so Purple spent the weekend at rainbow with Littletree, I just spent a day out there and came home.

Twas lovely to see everyone, and feel the energy, however briefly.


And now Littletree is home again, we’re spending lots of time together, just hanging out. :)


  1. How beautiful, Majikfaerie! I know about the people saying our kids wouldn't learn resilience and independence if we took them out of school…I heard that a lot in the beginning. Now, I believe anyone who looks can see the joy shining out of my kids, and is silenced! We're filled with such strong, clean, golden energy now, following our true path. It's like a force-field of Just. Right.

    I'm glad Littletree had such an amazing time! Glad she's back home now to share it all with you—your own little wanderer, life explorer!

  2. Love it! R too is already a confident and independent little chap and I'm so proud! Just took him to the pool and he was happy to run and play at the water park, coming back to me for a quick check in and then going off again. I watched so many parents hover over their babies, saying 'careful' every two seconds and those kids just looked timid. Hugs. J

  3. haha! Maybe all the cuddling and nursing causes quite the opposite... I still bf my 4 y/o, and she is VERY independent, and has zero problems communicating with anyone. Sometimes other adults are stunned by her confidence and ability to express herself. Kudos to you for raising up a wonderful and independent young lady.

  4. Glad Littletree had a great time. And as everyone else has said I think extended breastfeeding and co sleeping leads to very independent and confident kids...have had my fair share of comments to the contrary though...but the kids are proof in themselves :)

  5. What a strong little womyn you have. As for breastfeeding too long, baby wearing or co-sleeping, I say bah! Lots of love, understanding and attention can never harm a child. Your Little Tree knows how to be herself because you understood what she needed as a babe. A wonderful start to life I say.....even though it doesn't easy the heart ache once they start to venture forth.

  6. she was independent at 3 in Thailand...

  7. Leon, you exaggerate! She was three *and a half* in Thailand. (and I was there, remember ;) )


Thanks for your lovely words, witty banter and entertaining discussion :)